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Bee-Bot Online Emulator

The FREE Bee-Bot Online Emulator from Terrapin Logo allows classrooms to code an online interactive Bee-Bot. Great for classrooms that do not have Phsyical Bee-Bots, and even for those that do. Like the Bee-Bot the emulator is simple yet powerful, providing open ended opportunities to explore, plan, test algorithms, debug, and experience that "ah ha " moment.

The Bee-Bot Emulator comes with 14 different mats to choose from along with lesson ideas. What I really like is that the students see the code as they enter it and highlights as each step is executed, a great feature when working on debugging. Additionally there is a talk to me feature. When selected the emulator will say each step out-loud when executing the program. However this is the only time it speaks out-loud, it does not speak when students are creating their code or clicking on the various icons. I hope Terrapin improves on the talk to me feature, as this can be very powerful for young learners.

The Bee-Bot can trace its roots to Seymour Papert, who after studying with Jean Piaget, developed the Constructivist learning theory. At MIT Media Lab he developed LOGO, a programming language specifically for children along with the Logo Turtle Robot, which looked very much like today's Bee-Bot.


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