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Paper Circuits

Paper Circuits are an easy and fun way to introduce the concept of electrical circuits. Perfect as a starter activity in Makerspaces, Paper Circuits leads to creativity from incorporating lights into greeting cards, scenes, and more.  Following are downloadable templates, supply list, directions, and additional resources.

Paper CIrcuit Templates
Hover over template and downlaod icon will appear on the lower right.

Paper Circuit Template




1. Cut a piece of copper tape for each section of the template.  Stick copper tape to the solid lines.  DO NOT take the entire backing off at once. SLOWLY pull off the backing as you put tape down. NOTE: IT is OK if tape twists, even when going around the corners, as long as the tape is in one peice. 

2. For Simple and Series Circuit: Tape the 5mm to the template where there is a break in the lines. IMORTANT: Hold up the light, one leg is slightly longer than the other. The long side is positive and the short side is negative.  Now, stretch out the legs of the lights, like they are doing the splits, and tape the positive leg to line marked positive and tape the negative leg to the line marked negative.

2. For Parallel Circuits:  Hold up the light, one leg is slightly longer than the other. The long side is positive and the short side is negative. Tape the light with the positive leg touching the positive strip and one the  negative leg touching the negative strip. 

3. Take the 3 volt battery, place the negative side down on the circle and positive side up, Fold over the lower right side of the template so the copper tape from the positive line touches the top of the battery.  the light should turn on!  Once you have it working you can tape the battery down with the scotch tape.




1. Exploratorium
    Great visuals, and creative ideas to take your paper    circuits to the next level. Other great creative ideas for the classroom as well.

2. Science Buddies

   Nice step by step pictures and extension ideas.

3. Annenberg Learner
   A PLETHORA of ideas of how you can take paper circuits to the next level. So many creative ideas!!


Are you interested in ordering a paper circuit kit for your class, Makerspace, or event?  Email for more information and pricing.

Paper Circuit Kits
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