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Physical Computing | Coding
Maker Spaces | STEM

   All of this can enhance students' learning but can be overwhelming, the day is already packed with content area instruction. Mrs.Geeky specializes in showing how technology can be a tool to further differentiate learning across subject areas while affording all students the opportunity to gain exposure to 21st Century Skills.

   Our Professional Development for educators and workshops for students are customized and designed to support all in attendance, from those who think they are not tech savvy to the confident user. All PD and workshops are hands-on, engaging, fun, and informative!


Professional Development | Workshops
Below are descriptions of some of the PDs and workshops available for your district or education community. All PD's include a second session virtually, to answer questions with implementation, further skills and share with fellow members of the cohort. (Face to Face second PD available at an additional cost).   Don't see a workshop you are looking for? Please contact me and let's chat!  If I am not available to meet your needs I hopefully can point you in the direction of someone who can. 


Bee-Bot Training
Pre-K - Grade 2
half day and full day workshops available

Have Bee-Bots in your district? Looking for ways to leverage all that Bee-Bot can do in the classroom while teaching and reinforcing coding skills? You have come to the right place. In this highly interactive, hands-on professional development, attendees will learn all the features of the Bee-Bot while actively experiencing integrated subject-area lessons. The workshop includes an option to include Bee-Bot(s) and Card Mats for the attendee or district, or you can bring your own. Attendees will leave with resources and lesson ideas ready to implement back in the classroom.


Edison Robot Workshop
Grades K-8
half day and full day workshops available

Meet Edison the robot, a great addition to any classroom or Makerspace. This unassuming robot can do a lot, integrating well with lessons in coding, simple machines, robotics, and a resource for open-ended inventions. Edison is designed to allow lego parts to be attached, which furthers its potential for inventions.  The option to purchase a classroom set of Edison Robots is available as well. Click here to learn more about Edison Robots.

Making it Happen! 
Grades K-8

Understanding and making Makerspaces happen in your classroom or district
half day and full day workshops available

Not sure what the buzz about Makerspaces is all about? Have an idea but need guidance on how to get started? This interactive workshop provides an engaging overview of the Maker Movement. Learn how to create and incorporate a Makerspace in your classroom, library or other space.  Through a combination of hands on activities, discussion and resources participants will develop a plan for their own unique Makerspace that integrates with their teaching environment.

MaKey MaKey Invention Literacy Workshop
Grades 3-8
full day workshop | Mrs.Geeky LLC is a Certified Makey Makey Training Partner

The Makey Makey Invention Literacy workshop is a fun hands-on workshop where participants learn how to teach Invention Literacy using the award-winning Makey Makey Invention Kit. Experience how to teach circuits, conductivity and coding using Makey Makeys.  Attendees will put their newly gained skills to the test and design their own invention incorporating simple materials. Return back to the classroom or educational setting with your new invention and a plethora of ideas for integration within the curriculum.  One MaKey Makey per attendee is included.  

Micro:bits in the Classroom
Grade 3-8
half day and full day workshops available

Has your district purchased Micro:bits but not sure what to do next? This hands-on, immersive workshop will guide attendees as they learn about coding and all the features of Micro: bit 2.0  From here participants will create several projects incorporating the features of the Micro:bit with subject area projects that can be replicated in the classroom or learning environment.  The Micro:bit is an open-source hardware device designed specifically to teach students coding through hands-on experiences that include input, output, sensors and more.

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