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The Bee-Bot is one of the most popular screen free, physical computing devices for early childhood with foundations in Seymour Papers theory of Constructionism.  Providing opportunites for students to actively construct CS concepts through open ended exploration and discovery, Bee-Bot provides a tangible result of their code. Bee-Bot integrates easily accross all subject areas.

Coding Skills:

Algorithim, Patterns, Debugging

Learning Concepts

Learning Concepts: Estimation, Distance, Direction, Problem Solving, Collaboraton



Bee-Bot Emulator No Bee-Bot? No problem! With this FREE intuitive emulator, every student can:

  • Code a Bee-Bot

  • Hear the name of the input they are adding to their code (up, down, left, right....)

  • See each step of their code highlghted as executed

  • Have access to a variety of maps to add as a background

San Fransisco Unified School District | K-2 Curriculum Look under the drop downs in the tool bar for scaffolded lessons.

Bee-Bot Mats for Teachers Great variety of mats, some tied to childrens literature including the book The Mitten.

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