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Baseball, Pop Ups, and Makerspaces

A Makerspace can be anywhere, a small area designated in your classroom,  a space in the library,  and YES! even a baseball dugout! A Pop Up Makerspace has emerged in the Cleveland Indians dugout.  The team showed us ingenuity at its best!   On June 15, during a game against the Dodgers, Carlos Carrasco had an idea!  So using sharpies, yarn, a baseball, and plastic cup, he created a “Baseball Doll” that struck a striking resemblance to third base player Jose Ramirez.  Before you knew it, there was Kluber, Kipnis and even Slider the Mascot!  And with each subsequent creation, the skills were refined, and the likenesses got better.  A true testament that the engineering design process occurs naturally through genuine interest.

The Indians Dugout is a perfect illustration that a  “Makerspace”  can occur organically with an idea, using materials readily available along with good old fashioned creativity and ingenuity. Next time a student, or class has that idea to create something, run with it, encourage the students to use only what is readily available,  join them and collectively create, test, redesign and create again.  Who knows what you and your students will create?

Makerspaces , in the educational setting, is an environment where creativity and ingenuity occurs utilizing  only the materials available.  When working with educators I encourage creating low tech Makerspaces first- areas that are filled with common household, and recyclable items before introducing popular tech items that we often hear associated with Makerspaces.  Nurturing creativity, making something out of nothing,  provides a solid foundation upon which to build those creative skills.


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