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Duct Tape Network: free program for educators

Duct Tape Network: a free program for educators, is offered through MIT Media Lab. Are you you new to Makerspaces?  Looking for an easy way to get started?  Overwhelmed on how to start one?  The Duct Tape Network program from MIT Media Lab is free, easy, and an inexpensive way to get started.  Perfect for  Makerspaces or after school clubs,.

A Makerspace is not the space with the most “toys”. A Makerspace is just what the word says,  a space to make. A space to create. A place to invent.  And with any new idea, or creation it starts with a prototype.    

One can do anything with Duct Tape, which makes it the perfect resource to nurture creativity, design a prototype, or come up with a new invention. Sign up (they do not send you a plethora of emails) and you will gain access to the guidebook. The guidebook shows you want you need to get started on your own Duct Tape Network. Activities and ideas provided  can be integrated  within the curriculum or as an after school club. Lots of  ideas provided.  If you are new to Makerspaces or searching for an easy, inexpensive way to get the creativity movement going in your classroom, check out the Duct Tape Network from MIT Media Lab.   Click here to go to Duct Tape Network, learn more and get started. Combined with cardboard and MakeDo and their is no limit to what your students will create.

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