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Engage students in Science and Math with Interactive Simulations for K-12 learners.

PhET, a project from the University of Colorado, provides over 100 FREE high quality interactive simulations engaging students in Science and Math.  Users can sort by topic and grade level to find just the right concept.  Simulations cover a wide variety of concepts on Math, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.  All simulations are open source, and can be accessed online or downloaded to any device.  PhET simulations by design promote student led inquiry learning experiences.   Features include  sliders, click and drag, radio buttons (offering choices) and interactive instruments such as rulers, voltmeters, thermometers, and watches.  PhET is a great addition to your classroom toolbox of resources.

Proportion Playground

Click to Run

Founded by Carl Wieman in 1990 at the University of Colorado, Boulder, PhET has gone on to win numerous awards including  SIGOL Online Learning Award, 2nd place (April 2012),Tech Award and Microsoft Education Award (October 2011), NSF & Science Magazine’s International Science & Engineering Visual Challenge award (2007). MERLOT Classics Award in Physics (2006).MERLOT Editor’s Choice Award (2006).


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