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Last summer I was very fortunate to be accepted to the FREE  PIACADEMY 2 day workshop, which upon culmination I would be a Certified Raspberry Pi Certified Educator.  When I was first accepted I was jumping up and down, sharing the news with my daughters, but then, but then, I saw where it was being held.  In Ann Arbor, at a library next door to the campus of a university north of my state.  You see, I can’t even say the name, I am an Ohio State Graduate, second generation, my dad dotted the i!  Ann Arbor was a town I have heard about, but go there? That school is there.  Buckeyes just don’t do that. HOWEVER, my drive to learn any and everything I could about Raspberry Pi won out.  So I drove to Ann Arbor, doing my best to remain stealth as I headed into town within inches of that school up north.  IT WAS WORTH IT!  Whether you are new to Raspberry Pi, or not,  you will come away with new knowledge, confidence, camaraderie, at least one idea you can’t wait to implement back in the classroom, and an unleashed geekiness you never knew existed in you. I encourage you, from those who have heard about Raspberry Pi and want to learn more, to those that have familiarity with Raspberry Pi looking for ways to extend its integration within your curriculum back to school, APPLY!  ITS FREE!  ITS FUN! ITS EDUCATIONAL!  Click here to learn more and apply!!!    Go Bucks! 


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