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Number Coolness!

The Algebra Project teaches us , “Math Literacy is the Key to 21st Century Citizenship”.  Incorporating the most basic programming concepts is a great way to teach about different numerical systems, decoding, problem solving, and well, just how cool numbers can be. Not to mention that it is number coolness that makes technology happen. There is no better way to demonstrate all of these concepts then with the use of a simple spreadsheet, the most under utilized tool in your tech toolkit. Spreadsheets welcome everyone, Excel, Numbers, Sheets, you name it. 

Here are a few Google Sheets you may want to integrate with your curriculum that provides another way to visualize different numerical systems, their relationship to programming, and more. I am sure you will see other ways to use these. Even if all this is greek to you, try them!  You will surprise yourself with an ah ha! moment or two. (Please go to file/make a copy for classroom use)

 Letter to Binary Code Spreadsheet | click here -type in a letter and see the Binary number broken out by place value and as a complete number. -Ask your students to write their name in Binary (base 2) using this spreadsheet as a tool. -The spreadsheet has an interactive piece, that challenges students to convert the base 2 number back to base 10. 

Base 10 number to Binary Code Spreadsheet | click here -What is the highest number this spreadsheet can convert?  Why? -What would you need to do to convert higher numbers? -Can you write your own binary code converter?


Base 10 number to Binary Code and ASCII Spreadsheet | click here Programming all boils down to binary numbers, so here is the same spreadsheet along with ASCII symbols, this could be used in a programming class.




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