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Summer Pop Up Makerspaces

Are you looking for summer activities and resources to share with families?  How about encouraging families to create a Pop Up Makerspace at home?  Recent studies confirm that creativity is  a key skill needed to be college and career ready. Yet studies show a decline in student creativity.  A shoe organizer and household items located in a visible location is a great way to set up a Pop Up Makerspace at home.  

Remind families, Makerspaces are what ever you make it!  There is no one set list of items, or way to set it up. The key is to provide materials to create something out of nothing.  No pattern, no directions, just imagination! The Cleveland Indians had a pop up Makerspace in the dugout last season, and provides an excellent example of a Pop Up Makerspace.  Reading about their experience will help provide a better visualization of Makerspaces and how they nurture creativity with simple items.  In addition to household items, Legos, Bracktiz, or other open ended building resources can enhance a pop up Makerspace.  Garage sales are also a great resource for unique items.  What is it they say? One persons junk is another persons treasure! 


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