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Bee-Bot Emulator

Have you seen this FREE Bee-Bot emulator online?


The Bee-Bot is a friendly little robot that is programmed using the Logo language, which was developed specifically for young children by Dr. Seymour Papert.  The Bee-Bot Emulator provides a  free online simulation where students can program the Bee-Bot. Young students can move the online bot using the 4 directional arrows, up, back, right, and left. Bee-Bot moves in units of 1.  For example, press the forward arrow twice and it moves forward 2 squares.  The X clears out the program and the || button provides a 1 second pause. The emulator provides students exploratory experiences with sequencing, estimation, direction, spatial awareness, and entry level coding. The code entered by the students appears below as they enter the commands. The emulator works nicely to support lessons in various math and language arts concepts as well.  Students can choose from a variety of maps in the drop down menu including CVC words, alphabet, shapes, number line, and coins. Arrow keys are prominent and the online Bee-Bot moves with a 1-1 correlation like the physical Bee-Bot.  Don’t forget to have students clear out the program with the X key before entering a new set of commands, otherwise Bee-Bot adds the new commands on to the commands already entered.  


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