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FREE Classroom Resources

Are you looking for FREE  hands on resources to add to your learning environment? The Civil Air Patrol (CAP)  wants to help you!    An auxiliary of the US Air Force,  CAP is committed to supporting all classrooms K-12 through their STEM Kit Program.   Whether you teach Kindergarten or High School  CAP offers a variety of resources from lesson plans, curriculum materials, STEM Kits, and even the opportunity to participate in a teacher orientation flight on a Cessna aircraft.  A one time  fee of $35.00 is required and trust me it is worth it.  The STEM kits, the CAP’s most popular program, provides free kits including Sphero, Snaptricity, Bee- Bot,  Weather Station, Flight Simulator and more.  Once you have used one kit for six hours, fill out their online evaluation and you are eligible for another kit.  Application for the STEM kit program has opened.  Sign up for my newsletter  to keep up to date on opportunities such as  these and other classroom ideas and resources.


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