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ISTE 2017

So the first official day of ISTE is drawing to a close.  This is , I believe my 17th ISTE-although I need to double check my records- could be my 18th.  Interesting to see the how things change over the years from the exhibitors to the sessions offered.  This year offers a plethora of anything that is tied to Makerspaces and Robotics. Very noticeable on the vendor floor.  I also notice more vendors are coming back and coming back with investment in more floor space on the exhibitor floor.  .  Mrs.Geeky cautions don’t be caught up with cute robotics. Look at what has been around and  will stand the test of time.  Those products that develop real world skills that lead to real world jobs.  Scratch, Lego Robotics, Terrapin Logo, Makey Makey and Bee Bot to name a few.  And for the classroom, stick to tools that enhance classroom and can transcend all the flavors of the month, look at things like Hyperstudio from MacKiev, tinyurl, jing.  The tools you always want in your toolbox. With that said Mrs.Geeky has come across one or two new items identified as  keepers. I will be posting shortly on take aways from ISTE 2017 and some this is a “Keeper” finds.


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