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Paper Roller Coasters for your Makerspace or STEM class

Paper Roller Coasters

Paper Roller Coasters are a great addition to any Makerspace.  A great open ended project where no two designs are alike and totally fueled by imagination. They can prove to be a great resource for a course of study that includes physics, gravity, energy and friction.  Not to mention this is a great way to grow teamwork skills.  See below for resources to get your Makerspace or STEM unit of study going with Paper Roller Coasters.

This is an article from the Scientific American, includes STEM tie-ins, instructions, and lots of enthusiasm.

From Instructables is a nice commentary about the tie-in with Newton’s Laws, along with a materials list and step-by-step picture instructions.

From the math and science warrior teachers at Handford ESD in California.  These teachers put together a complete guide to their Newton Revenge Roller Coaster project including rules, instructions, categories, and videos of past projects.

Love the idea of Paper Roller Coasters but creating the templates seems a bit daunting?  Check out this site that sells Paper Roller Coaster kits.  You can purchase templates, classroom kits with templates already printed, or go full Roller Coaster and get the Competitive STEM Roller Coaster Kit.


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