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Promote Deep Student Learning with Makerspaces

Join me at Kent State University for their workshop “Promote Deep Student Learning with Makerspaces” This 2 day workshop includes certification as a MaKey MaKey educator as you learn about Makerspaces and Invention Literacy. 

Day 1: Makerspaces 101 Learn how to design Makerspaces to promote students’ application of knowledge as inventors, creators and designers. Participants will receive a copy of The Kickstart Guide to Making GREAT Makerspaces (2017) and engage in a Skype Q&A with author Laura Fleming.

Day 2: Invention Literacy & Design Thinking with MaKey MaKey Become a MaKey MaKey certified educator as you dive deeper into Makerspaces and Invention Literacy.

Cost: $125/day or $225 for two days

Registration fee includes CEUs, lunch, visitor parking and workshop materials as described above.

One graduate workshop credit hour is available for an additional fee of $162. Participants must attend both days to earn the credit hour.


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