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Scratch Skills Checklist

Picture of Scratch Skills Checklist

Scratch is a great introductory software for young learners to learn basic coding concepts while creating interactive, animated programs. Scratch is divided into coding categories with blocks of codes specific to those categories. Keep track of what you have introduced or covered with your students and see where you are headed with this handy dandy Scratch Checklist I created. When you click on the link you will asked to make a copy, once you do, click on the + sign to the left which reveals all the blocks of code within each category, and a place for you to check off what you have covered. You may edit for your class and customize to suit your needs.

NOTE: the cells are formatted to wrap text, so even though the cells look small, type away, they will expand. Click in the date column and a calendar pops up so you can select the date. The first column is pinned so you can slide the dates and notes and always see the categories and list of blocks.


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