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The Robotic Arm Challenge

Robotic Arm Challenge

This is an activity I came across many years ago.  Since then I have have used it in Professional Development workshops for educators and with students in the classroom.  Using only low tech items, the class is divided into teams and are challenged to create a robotic arm that will pick up a styrofoam cup.  Often met with comments of “impossible” and “I am not creative,” students and faculty alike surprise themselves when their team comes up with a working solution.  Conducting this activity at the beginning of the year not only serves as a nice ice breaker, but it also provides insight as you begin to scaffold concepts including teamwork, problem solving, and creativity.  Included are two different versions of the lesson plan along with resources.  Note: covering tables with butcher paper provides a nice collaborative space for sketching solutions and serving as resources.


Build your own Robotic Arm Developed by IEEE



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